3d scan for quality control

vernier caliper precision tool

3d scanner artec leo berfungsi sebagai alat ukur presisi yang telah diaplikasikan di berbagai industri di berbagai negara.

in various countries around the world, artec leo 3d scanner is used as a rapid precision measurement tool.

industry examples*:
- automotive (hyundai): comfort & ergonomics quality control for manufactured car seat
- multi-stage manufacturing: shrinkage & warping inspection for tolerance setting & iteration reduction
- mining & ore (finland): cone crusher mantle quality control
- foundry (u.s.): time savings of up to 75% for dimensional control of castings
- water services (u.k.): corrosion inspection for pipes over 45 cm in diameter
- healthcare (france): geometry and dimensional inspection for 3d printed medical equipment.

3d scanner artec leo dapat membantu dengan berbagai aspek quality assurance & quality control:- design inspection, manufacturing control, delivery inspection.

artec leo 3d scanner serves as a practical tool for various aspects of quality assurance & quality control:- design inspection, manufacturing control, delivery inspection.

speed up your workflow when you need to test your products and carry out quality control inspection on large quantities of the same parts. each scan takes less than 5 minutes, even for large objects. artec leo works much faster than cmm touch probe and still offers up to 0.1mm accuracy. in addition, artec leo’s 3d resolution is up to 0.2mm precise.

artec 3d scanner brand originates from the EU & likewise its scanners are made in the EU.

artec leo scanner is cable-free and handheld, which means that it is very easy to move around and therefore highly mobile. there is absolutely no need to move massive components for scanning.

easily compare scan results of manufactured components and precision parts.

comparing scan results to CAD models is also easily done. surface distance map comparison can be rapidly performed for deviation analysis.

there is no need to spend time peeling target stickers nor sticker glue leftovers. artec leo delivers superior tracking through various methods such as geometry and texture.

significantly shorten production time, inspection time, and product-to-market time. save costs whilst increasing consistency and productivity.

*artec eva and artec leo both share accuracy of up to 0.1mm. examples above include other artec scanner models that offer higher accuracy.