custom 3d models products

easy, rapid custom 3d models & products

we often need something that is simply not sold or not available at a reasonable price, quantity, or time. the logical alternative then is to make a custom product.

and then there are times when you need a custom product but there is no facility available locally.

whether you need custom 3d models or products, kitCAD3d can help you thanks to our rapid 3d scanning & 3d modeling.

it doesn’t matter if you only need 1 piece, there is no minimum quantity.

you may already have a physical object to be modified. or that object may exist in your mind. be it design from scratch, or design modification, we will help you achieve your objective.

we will also provide you with tips on how to economize & to streamline the process.

we adhere to 2 basic principles in our design & manufacture processes:
#1 produce not when you need not. if an existing item can be used, it’s simply wasteful to make a brand new one
#2 non-destructive unless all other reasonable options have been exhausted. for example, drilling into surfaces is destructive and often causes a whole host of additional problems

many have found rapid prototyping a valuable part of the design/manufacturing process. rapid prototyping (often achieved through 3d printing) enables you to see & touch the real object, which may give a very different perspective & experience compared to 3d viewing it.

create custom products quickly & easily. manufacture gear, make custom part, produce custom component with quick turnaround & cost savings.

all it takes is 1 scan - infinite production quantities, infinite modifications.

when you have the 3d data, you can have anything & everything produced even when the manufacturing facility is not available locally. it takes from milliseconds to send 3d data over to the expert manufacturing facility wherever in the world it is located. and with that, production can begin.

kitCAD3d’s artec leo 3d scanner empowers individuals and businesses with custom models and custom products with significant time savings & cost. its up to 0.1mm accuracy and its superior tracking ability eliminates the need for target stickers. artec leo’s agility allows it to weave through narrow areas efficiently as it is cable-free, handheld, and isn’t tethered to the computer. it is no wonder that artec leo is used & trusted by many in manufacturing, healthcare, research, as well as entertainment.

artec 3d brand is from the EU & likewise its scanners are made in the EU.

opt simply for the 3d mesh model, 3d cad model, or add colour texture or even photogrammetry for an output that is indiscernible from the real object. now, custom items are affordable & within easy reach.